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In 1950 at a small street corner in Jaipur, India; Shanti Kumar Shah founded Gem Centre , a boutique gemstone house. Driven by a childhood fascination of jewelry and a tireless dedication to providing flawless gemstones in unique cuts, Mr. Shah laid the foundation for a company that is today an eminent global exporter of diversified gemstones. His attention to detail. fine craftsmanship and vast treasure trove of industry knowledge have made a mentor to many and a constant source of inspiration to the founders of Indojewels inc.

Indojewels inc, was founded in New York City in 1987 by the daughter , Neena Jain and son-in-law Sunil Jain of Mr. Shah. The company continues the traditions from its early days , of providing a vast range of designer clientele beautiful and unique cut gemstones. Having a strong foundation , allows them to continuously innovate and create many colors and cuts for designers to choose from at wholesale costs.

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